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Do You Want to Contribute to the Ecosystem from your Backyard? Think Native! Go Lively

Your landscaping choice have a meaningful effect on the ecosystem. Roots your space with natively plants of Nova scotia. Why is it very important to go native?

Native plants produce very beautiful and showy flower, fruits and seeds. Studies have show that in addition to improving your landscaping, using native plants is highly effective in improving the surrounding environment, enriches the soil and nutrient content.

Native plants have already adjusted to the local climate and environment. They provide habitat for birds and benefits other wildlife by providing nectar for pollinators such as hummingbirds, native bees, butterflies, moths and bats. Most of the wildlife are dependent on native plants for food and support.

Native plants use less amount of water and effectively helps lessen your usage. They can easily lead up to 60 percent reduction in the amount of water consumption when control with drainage technique this in return will save you time and money.

You’ll be investing less because native plants require less pruning and fertilizing, more of your time will be spent enjoying your landscaping. Once established they required low maintenance and it’s always feels good to do the right thing.

The local biosphere is strengthened and it improves ecological balance of the ecosystem. When plants are native to the area the local wildlife are also familiar with them. Installing native plants and trees can assured that local birds and insects will take care of any unwanted creature problems around your yard.

Want to Learn More About Native Plants? Call Green Fingers Landscaping.

If you have any questions or design concerns on how to incorporate native plants in your landscaping. Green Fingers Landscaping can help you with design and installation of native plants.


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